Meadow cafe: all you can eat

First three now six Turkey vultures are lunching on a fawn carcass in the lawn beyond the meadow. I did not hear the kill, which must have happened last night. The killer had to be big suggesting coyote, but I have not heard any of late. Then again, my night time hearing might be aging with the rest of me. Indentations in the grass show either the point of the kill and then some dragging of the prey or a struggle before death.

The killer carted away the hind quarters. The vultures cleaned up the torso.

This sets a predation record here — at least in my tenure.

The carcass at the start of the vulture meal

The carcass near the start of the vulture meal

White fur from the deer's tail

White fur from the deer’s tail

Three Turkey vultures in fight

Three Turkey vultures in fight

The carcass picked clean

The carcass picked clean

  1. steve aronow said:

    WOW, that was pretty brutal. Survival of the fittest……..The deer at running rampant now since it’s mating time. They can be easy prey for the coyotes. I think your beautiful honey bees are feasting at our gardens. I assume they are your bees because that makes me happy to believe they are visiting from Kettle House. Your gardens are filling in and are flourish well. Hope you have been enjoying a good summer. Be well. Marilyn

  2. Lindaloo said:

    We certainly could use a few of the animals who this down Westchester county way…soooo many deer!!

  3. Ellie said:

    OMG! Wowzers. Impressive.

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