Feeding the birds under a polar vortex and after an eclipse

Each type of bird feeder had a different way of becoming frozen shut after the heavy rains of yesterday and the single digit (that’s right 1) degree of temperature this morning.

Rhode Island birders have reported sightings of the Baltimore Oriole in the past few days. I will put out a new feeder Charlotte gave me for my birthday that dangles a piece of fruit to see whether any are around here after we get back to higher temperatures.

The Evening Grosbeak never honored my feeders this fall with a visit — at least not that I spied. in other places this fall, they were almost common. This would be a life bird for me, so I am disappointed.

More disappointment may be in store if the Eastern bluebirds again decide not to nest in my boxes. January is the month when a male will venture by on a house hunting expedition. Scott hung a nesting box on each of the poles in the meadow, so our houses are open. They won’t go empty: Tree Swallows, Carolina Wrens and the dreaded House Sparrows will use them no matter what.

My only disappointment with the lunar eclipse last night was my inability to capture it in a photo. It was spectacular and easy to monitor from the mud room deck. Despite the rapidly falling temperature, I could step outside in my nightgown and slippers every 15 minutes till the Earth’s shadow turned it red at 23;45, and coppery at 00:15. The speck about in the middle of the photo is the moon. You can see how good my viewing spot was.

lunar eclipse

Super Blood Wolf Moon from the mud room deck. A prize to anyone who can find it



  1. bill@billhorwich.com said:

    Susie, I spotted the moon!  A speck above your roof.  Since I slept through the eclipse, this was my only shot.So is your sponsor a good product, worth the outrageous internet special pricing?  Should I order it, and if so, how many bottles for a few unwanted tags here and there?William E. Horwich1408 Arch StreetBerkeley, CA 94708tel: 510-644-2523 cell: 510-517-7084bill@billhorwich.com 

    • We have to negotiate your prize. I’m sorry my photo is your best view given its quality!

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