Bring out your dead

Both beehives burst into activity once our mini ice age ended this morning. Promptly, the bees began dragging the dead from the hive and pushing them off the landing platform.  The bee keeper, in contrast, was not so well prepared and missed the opportunity to open the hives to check for honey and pollen stores. She did make a video.

The bees and their amateur keeper will now try to manage our way through the most treacherous part of the year: from one warm winter day until spring. Anyone hoping for Kennel House honey must wish us well.

  1. Ellie said:

    That’s one way to keep house! Sheesh. They are very industrious creatures. Good luck with the honey, honey.

  2. Marilyn said:

    Video, what video??? Wish you well with the honey and hope your bees produce in great abundance.

    • Marilyn, thanks for the tip off that the video did not load. It’s up now, all 30 secs of flying bees!

  3. Dorie Stolley said:

    Here’s hoping they do well!

    • Dorie,

      You missed the video. I posted a photo in error.

      But, yes, here’s hoping they all do well.


  4. Ruth said:

    Honey! Bees! This is so good. Sign me up for at least a mini jar …….the toast is waiting.

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