Smells, decibels and felled trees

The air smells of evergreen sap. Lots of trees, mostly evergreen, fell around me. In the wooded piece of my lot by the pond, a White pine that has often been home to Red-tailed hawks, dropped a truck-sized limb.

Two trees fell in the driveway along which my phone and power lines to the back house run as soon as the storm hit. Can you find my phone line?

More evergreens fell blocking the end of the road. The relative speed — less than 24 hours — with which these trees drew a crew gives me hope that we will have power back sooner than we did following Irene.

The end of the road.

The sun and the tree clearing crew (from Tennessee) arrive.

For all the great smell of freshly cut evergreens, the air is also full of sounds of generator rumble — generous levels of decibels. I needed an aspirin (me! and, of course, it was something aspirin-like not aspirin itself that I took) yesterday to battle a headache from the noise. Generator noise does seem to trump chain saw noise. maybe that’s a silver lining.

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