Verbena harvest

The cookie tins are red on the sides with pine cones on the lid. I bought 6 of them last winter to store last year’s verbena harvest. Three of them still hold tea.

But this year’s growing season is coming to an end, and I’ve not had luck with wintering over verbena. So I harvested both plants.

Oh to be as flush with honey as I am with tea. Honey will go fast now that the oatmeal-eating season has reopened. The three large bottles left from last year’s hive won’t get me through to spring but it’s getting late to remove this year’s honey from the hives. (Oh not to be so lazy when it comes to the bees!)

Time to have tea parties — no political inference intended — and put out the sugar bowl not the honey jar.

  1. Oh, to sit and have a cup of tea with you on the screened porch overlooking the meadow. Sigh. And I wouldn’t even ask for honey.

    • Should “Oh” be followed by a comma. Please come for tea so we can discuss. We might have to be indoors unless you arrive months from now.

  2. Lindaloo said:

    I’m not too shy to ask for a jar of honey, honey. Pulease!!!!

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