Among the stranger creatures…Hummingbird moth

Now in its second year, my garden of predominantly native plants is indeed attracting unusual wildlife. Take this Hummingbird moth for example. For most of July, it drank the nectar of the Monarda flowers (and I never got a better photo than this).

It looks more like a hummingbird than a moth. In fact, its Latin name is Hemaris thysbe which I may remember because thysbe sounds like thespian — a moth acting the part of a hummingbird.

Hummingbird moth (Hemaris thysbe)

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  1. Judy Staples said:

    Pyramus and Thisbe! What an incredible moth!
    Susan, these posts are wonderful. I want to tour your meadow sometime.
    We are here until Columbus Day. When can we get together?

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