Add skunk to the bestiary at Kennel House

I’m heading for bed this evening with the smell of skunk heavy in the air. I heard the kerfuffle that lead to the spray but, beyond a skunk, I don’t know who was involved.

In the morning, I hope the red fox will not bark as s/he looks for a tasty breakfast? of chipmunk? in the stone wall. Or at least I hope s/he’ll consider brunch so that the time of barking might not be 5:05 am. Tucker, the dog visiting across the way, and I would both like to sleep later.

The fox did not eat all the rabbits. One was munching on clover in the lawn this morning.

No photos for this post but you can find red fox videos on youtube if you want to know what you’re missing. While I was looking for fox sounds, I asked about deer calls. That took me to some hunting sites — not forests but virtual. The sneezing sounds my deer make seems to be aggressive calling to ward off danger but I did not find a good tape and I did not want to linger on those those sites.

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  1. Hope you and the dog sleep well. We had a rabid red fox around here a few years ago and it was so loud–day and night. I wouldn’t dwell on sneezing deer sites either–overgrown rodents that harbor Lyme.

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