Rabbits at risk

Strange new cat on the path by the compost. On second look, and with its tail in view, the new cat is a red fox. This is my first sighting of a fox this year. I had assumed the fox had not returned given that the eastern cottontails continue nibbling the lawn.

The fox trotted down the path, but the deer stood on the rise mid meadow until I got my camera. A couple of days ago with no camera handy, three fawns and a doe had been grazing mid field. The doe had done that “sneezing” that deer do when alarmed causing the family to rush around rushed in a big circle. It would have been a good video. Whatever the danger, the doe decided it was not worth leaving the meadow before more grazing. Could she have encountered the fox?

I’ll be checking for the rabbits in the coming days.

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  1. Sharry said:

    That’s a wonderful picture of the rabbit!! And as much as I’m happy to hear about the return of the red fox, I’m rooting for the bunny. The Big Kahuna really screwed up when she gave that little critter the cotton tail – I looked out my window one morning this past weekend and never saw the bunny until it streaked across the lawn – just a WHOOSH OF WHITE TAIL. Big mistake.

    The ants have come to eat my house, I think. Another bad idea. Hello Premier Pest Company.

    Are you getting as much rain as we? The meadow looks brown. I discovered my rain sensor doesn’t seem to understand it’s supposed to make the irrigation stop – so I’m rather green and leafy and weedy and clovery and massusy (just realized I can’t spell that wonderful ground cover.)

    Well, happy salad days. And corn.

    xx Sharry

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