The whites of their eyes!

When these two mauraders became aware of me, they disappeared so swiftly and silently that I am not sure what exit route they used. They did not head off into the meadow, so it must have been through one of the breaks in the miscellaneous, non-continuous fences beside the guest house.

Rain required a flash but that allows you to find the deer through the reflections in their eyes.

  1. Cool photo. I can’t help but think of deer as giant rodents and carriers. Lyme disease: from deer to mouse to me.

  2. Yes, giant rodent! It is undoubtedly too much to hope that a coyote got the second fawn. More likely it is already off starting a family of it own.
    I had the whites of their eyes but no way to shoot save with my camera, so these rodents will keep their place in the cycle.

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