Stalk cutting

My herbicide mentor strolled around the meadow with me the day before yesterday. I showed him where I had planted Little Bluestem seed after pulling out bittersweet root and expressed concern about the disturbed soil I had created. He suggested clipping the dead bittersweet stalks and removing as much thatch as possible to give the resurgent grasses, of which there are many types, more access to light and air.

I spent 2 hours yesterday and again today clipping in the forward part of the meadow (SW). each time I generated a bag’s worth of mostly leafless stalks. Sometimes just in tracing the stem back to the ground, I would pull out a few inches of decayed root. I scratched away as much of the thatch from previous years’ mowings as well.

The grasses that are filling in seem to be bunch grasses. I can identify the velvet grass but there are others as well. Note how hard it is to spot the bittersweet.

Down at the soil level, I got many grasshoppers to jump around and was bitten by a mosquito.

  1. I love the idea of having an “herbicide” mentor. Soon the days will be too cold for mosquito bites. A mixed blessing.
    Keep up the good work and close observation.

  2. Thanks for continuing to read and comment. In this interlude between spraying season, I am staying busy with the ID-ing tasks which are pretty daunting given my starting place.

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