380 pounds of invasive debris

Carla lent me her big bed truck with a tail gate that doesn’t open. If you want a driving experience that makes the ’84 Saab seem like it a race car, this would be it.

With a bit of help from two of Patrick Merner’s River Stone Development crew (they arrived to work on the shed chimneys as I was loading the truck), I moved  380 pounds mostly of bittersweet root and stems without leaves from the meadow to my driveway to the dump. The receipt shows that the dumping and waiting to pay took 17 minutes.

I paid the yard waste rate of $70/ton but dumped the material in the regular transfer station not the area marked for yard waste. Invasive material should not be mixed with other yard waste for fear of spreading it. No one stopped me but I will have to explain to the weigh master and hope that he does not tell me I must put the invasives with the yard waste

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