Fauna update

Before I loose track, here’s an imprecise list of summer animal sitings.

Red fox: Adult foxes have been out in the meadow all summer. In fact, one has come very close to the house on several occasions. Dorie saw 3 kits from the guest house in late June. Ellie and Henning had good views of the family while they were visiting in late July. The kits have grown so that it is hard for me to tell whose who, but four foxes regularly used the paths to get around the meadow. For the past two weeks, I have not seen any foxes however.

Wild turkey: While the Turks were visiting, two female turkeys and five poults were regularly in the meadow. Are they eating up the grasshoppers? They left within a few days of the Turks, about mid August.

White-tailed deer: One day earlier in August, a doe and two fawns appeared on the southern edge of the meadow. Another early morning in August, a single deer wondered around the center of the meadow nibbling on grasses.

Great blue heron: I looked up from lunch one day in mid August to see the Great blue heron who frequents the Bailey pond taking a stroll at the meadow’s edge.

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