3rd application

Still, sunny, not too warm and no house guests. It was a day to spray more herbicide on the meadow.

The Black swallow-wort does not seem to have responded as well (meaning that its leaves have not shriveled) as the bittersweet, although large patches are now dying. It seems some of the bittersweet, maybe where  I did not cover enough of the leaves, is growing again. The sprayed poison ivy is dead.

I went back over a few parts of the front of the meadow, especially where I had missed BSW, knot weed and bittersweet. In 4.5 hours, I sprayed 16 gallons of herbicide getting me almost the the very back of the meadow.

It is hard to believe but the Triclopyr does not seem to bother the insects. Monarchs, white and black butterflies were visiting plants. I saw at least 3 different dragon flies and the grass is hoping with grass hoppers.

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