2nd application

It’s after 4:00, and it has not rained. The 11 gallons of herbicide that I applied today to parts of the meadow will have a chance to work. I mixed 4 ounces of Triclopyr to each gallon of water. With the previous application, I have now put about 16 gallons in the meadow. We calculated that an acre would need 28 gallons at the practice rate of application. Since parts of the meadow don’t need treatment, I might be about finished. But I am not. I apply the herbicide more slowly and probably also more generously than in the test on bare concrete. For one thing, I have to keep an eye out for plants I don’t want to hit. It is not as simple as the concrete test area.
And it is hard to be methodical. The ground is uneven and the meadow was never planted in rows. The target plants of bittersweet and Black swallow-wort know no boundaries!
Maybe I should have set up string boundaries and moved them along as I sprayed.

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