Round 2

Tomorrow, I hope to get back into the meadow with a full tank of herbicide on my back. Since it did not seem to matter which strength I used, I will stick with the weaker solution and spread it more densely in the thickest spots. For the individual outcroppings of bittersweet, a quick hit seems to be all that is needed to wilt the leaves.

I am sure that the best practice is to leave well enough alone after spraying, but I have pulled roots fr so many years that it is hard to resist the temptation. Today, when checking the compromised plants, I also did some pulling. Can it be that the roots are clinging to the soil less strongly? It did seem as though sprayed plants came up with big chunks of root without much effort. I know that my time is better spent in applying herbicide so I plan to get back to that task. I missed a few black swallow-wort plants, for example.

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